KIT Smart Kitchen

KIT is a smart kitchen that uses networked appliances as structure, eliminating the need for separate cabinetry, in an effort to make the kitchen a simpler, more advanced tool.

system appliances

KIT appliances themselves provide a modular storage structure to disrupt the organisation of a traditional kitchen. Analogue and digital appliance controls are simplified because UI is easy and effective.

from micro to macro

New, networked kitchen appliances are the base module for an entire systematised offering that maintains consistent high tolerance.

networked with simplicity in mind

Appliances are networked, giving easy control remotely and allowing for system self-awareness. New features are rational and useful, e.g.: Refrigerator drawers feature a bar-code reader, letting users easily track provisions.

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Each appliance is made from stainless steel, strong enough to support worktops or shelving and providing a hygienic surface that’s easy to clean.

KIT is a concept kitchen that asks the simple question - can appliance manufacturers provide a one-stop shop to order and enjoy a networked kitchen? An oven, sink, hob and refrigerator — amongst other appliances — are the basis for a new kind of kitchen that is self-supporting and innovative.

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